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Accelerated Debt Payoff

Looking for a plan to pay your debt off in full? This calculator can help you accelerate your debt payoff. See how you can save hundreds, possibly thousands in interest and reduce your loan by years.

Amortizing Loan Calculator

Calculate your loan repayments by number of payments, payment frequency or simply enter a loan payment and calculate the loan amount.

Auto Loan Calculator

Need help determining your monthly car loan payment or car purchase price? Examine your amortization, see how different loan terms impact your payment and more.

Online Business Courses

Smart business people know they can’t master all the skills of running a business, but who can take the time away from work to go to expensive conferences or workshops. Instead, consider taking business, sales and marketing courses from WOW Communications & Training. These courses are delivered in a video format through any Internet connected device. Courses are priced inexpensively at $2.99 for under 5 minutes, $4.99 for under 10 minutes and $9.99 for over 10 minutes. Learn business skills while in your PJs, on the beach or in an airport.

Bi-Weekly Payment Calculator

Calculate possible savings by using an accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payment. Over a 12 month period you will have paid off the equivalent of 13 payments reducing your overall mortgage amount.

Canada Revenue Agency

Find pertinent links and information regarding the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – this link will be helpful for Individuals, Businesses and Charities alike.

CRA Payroll Calculator

Looking for an easy to use online solution for figuring out federal and provincial payroll deductions? The CRA provides just such a tool.