Vicky Vanden HoekOwner / General Manager, Honkers Pub & Eatery Ltd.

I have been in business for over 28 years and have had different accounting firms during that time. I was looking for an Accounting Firm that we could build a Business relationship with, one that supported their clients and gave back to the community

I was thrilled when switched to Burton & Co Chartered Accountants 3 years ago because they did just that, supported our business numerous times throughout the years.

When it came time for a Change in Director/ Ownership in our Business, we needed Professional advice for both partners. Loralee Burton was very responsive no matter what time or day I sent emails and totally understood our needs as she worked with us continually. We were extremely satisfied with her professional help in every step of the way to make the shareholder transition simplified.

When you are looking for an Accounting Firm that truly does care about their Clients, Burton & Co most certainly goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend their Team as they are more than just an Accounting Firm. You truly need their services in so many ways for your business. We are just so thrilled and satisfied to be their client.

Donald SheppardChiropractor

I recommend Loralee Burton as an excellent chartered accountant! She and her firm demonstrated a thorough and professional approach in the handling of my professional and personal accounting needs. She has innovative budgeting methods available that manage the expenses so there are no big fees two or three times per year. I have appreciated the switching to Quickbooks a much simpler and efficient system that our old simple Accounting. There are forward-looking suggestions coming that I know will help me and my family. Thanks Loralee!